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Melita Tourism Management

By bringing together people from different parts of the globe to the Maltese Islands we contribute to a reciprocal perceptive and cultural exchange.

About Us

We specialise in providing services throughout the Maltese Islands to individual travelers and groups. We also organize business meetings, conferences, courses and incentive tours. Our highly qualified team has an excellent long-term experience in travel business. 

We simply propose you an amazing travel encounter to the most beautiful places in our country; provide you opportunity to experience the unique and diverse cultural heritages and charm of the Maltese Islands.

Why Malta?

Even though Malta is known for its excellent weather condition and its beautiful blue sea, Malta is much more and has loads of experiences to offer…

Historical & Cultural Malta

The Maltese Archipelago has lived different cultures throughout the years. Each culture has inprinted the Islands with a special DNA that till today can be experienced.

Where is Malta?

It’s not unusual to get a sort of a puzzled expression on many faces when you mention the word Malta. You expect some people to say – “I’ve heard of Malta …

Getting to Malta

By Air

The Maltese Islands are situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea between the continents of Europe and Africa.  Because of this strategic position,  Malta can be reached within a few hours’ flying time from the most mainland European and North African cities due to the excellent intercontinental connections.  Apart from Malta’s national airline, several legacy airlines and low-cost carriers operate regularly to and from Malta to all the major airports in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Since Malta is part of the Schengen Zone, people can move freely across EU’s national borders without the need for separate visas or passport checks.

By Sea

The Maltese Islands can also be reached by ferry or catamaran from several ports in Italy or North Africa. A ferry boat trip in this region of the Mediterranean Sea offers amazing landscapes and wonderful sea/land scenarios.  The Maltese Islands are included in several cruise itineraries and provide an excellent base or stop-over for sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.

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