Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm not Maltese, can I apply for the courses?

Anyone over 18 years old can apply for the course as long as they meet the required criteria specific to the chosen course.

How can I apply?

One can apply simply by contacting us through our website, Facebook, Instagram or by calling us. We can first set up a skills assessment meeting in order to help you decide which courses cater best for your needs and career plans. 

Can I participate if I don't speak Maltese?

It all depends on the course and the participants. 

When organising a class, if we have enough English-speaking participants, we can and will organise the class for an English speaking group. 

However some classes require basic fluency of Maltese such as: 

  • Ħiliet Bażiċi fil-Malti Komunikattiv (L-Ewwel Livell) 

  • Ħiliet Bażiċi fil-Malti Komunikattiv (It-Tieni Livell) 

Will I get a certificate after the course?

If you attend at least 80% of the lessons, you will get a certificate of completion. If you attend at least 80% of the lessons, in addition to achieving a mark of at least 80% on the assessment, you will get a certficate of achievement.