Adult Students



MTRM’s educational policies are Andragogic for the continuous personal and professional development of learners.  Learners are directed rather than tutored, encouraged to be responsible for their own learning, and guided to use life and work experience to develop holistically.

The benefits of informal and non-formal learning are also underlined in order for the student to gain the maximum profit from the formal learning experience. Learners are also encouraged to participate actively during lessons and share their know-how thus enriching their own and their cohorts learning experience.

Special courses for low achievers and those who have left school with minimal qualifications are regularly available to enhance our learners’ employability potential.

Addressing Student Diversity

Central to our mission is our belief that everyone has the potential to improve, “regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or cultural diversity”, thus no preference or discrimination is tolerated during course enrolment and acceptance. Needs analysis is performed prior to most courses.

Competence of Teaching staff

The courses currently planned address basic skills and vocational skills. Staff will be recruited according to the requirements in their field.

In the case of English Language, teaching staff will have a minimum CELTA/Cert TESOL with a minimum three years teaching experience and/or MQF Level 6 or more degree in English. In the case of vocational qualifications, certification in their area of expertise together with an adult teaching qualification is requested. As a minimum, a Train the Trainer certification is desirable, preferably vocational qualifications such as a Diploma in Teaching adults or similar.  The course leader should be qualified with a minimum of 2 levels above the course offered, for instance if a VET course is at MQF Level 2 then the leader should be qualified to at least MQF Level 4.

A Staff Appraisal structure and professional development sessions will ensure high standards of teaching.

Complaints Procedures

In order to guarantee students’ satisfaction the Head of Academics has an open door policy, welcoming students with concerns and complaints at any time, thus ensuring that issues are discussed and dealt with immediately and effectively.  

Evaluation forms are distributed at the end of each course thus, making it possible for students who are reluctant to complain face to face to voice their concerns in writing.